Manage your children's expenses like never before.

We are the first cafeteria payment platform that allows parents to control what their children consume on a daily basis in an easy, fast and secure way.


Allows efficient communication between parents and school cafeterias, and allows parents to manage their children's daily consumption!
Shop at the cafeteria from any location
You will always know what they are consuming
Easily control what they consume
Your children learn Financial Education
It is fully controlled by the parents
All in one platform
Let your children learn intelligenlty!

They learn financial education while shopping in the cafeteria.

Your money is always accessible
Acquire a prepaid card so that your children have more security when shopping.
Lunch, Breakfast, Snacks Reservations

Book directly from the app, view the menu and purchase for your child to pick up in the cafeteria.

Payments in school cafeterias

Your children will be able to use their mobile or contactless devices to pay for their snacks in school cafeterias in an easy and hygienic way.

They can pay with:

Mobile App

Prepaid Cards

Contactless NFC device

We are already in these schools:
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