Coffe Shops

¡A single application to take your cafeteria to another level!


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Multiple payment options

Contactless devices, identification by name, fingerprint reader, QR code reader and more. Greater speed when charging diners.

Report download

Get real-time information, cash closing, spending per user, best-selling products, stock history, sales report and much more.

Pre-order food

Receive orders for lunches and snacks several days in advance. Reduction of production costs and optimization of inputs in the face of clear and exact demand.

Inventory record

Load the monthly lunch and snack menu, in addition to the products available in the cafeteria, including its stock.


Satisfied Users

Increase your sales by ~25%. Our software and smart payments platform offer solutions that are revolutionizing traditional school cafeteria working methods. We automate administrative processes, transforming your business into a digital cafeteria. These are some of our advantages:

Inventory registration and management

Immediate payment processes (in less than 10 seconds)

Receive orders in advance and connect with your users.

Monitor your staff’s performance with sales history.

Improve the performance of your profits, your sales with one click

Say goodbye to cash and gain full control and visibility of your expenses and your children’s consumption, while they take advantage of benefits and learn to manage their money. Security, convenience and total transparency in your consumption! All this is possible with the innovative PayMon Application.


Satisfied Users