Digitize your cafeteria!

We’re revolutionizing the school and corporate cafeteria experience with our smart payments platform and software. PayMon’s cutting-edge technology is reinventing all operational and management processes as we drive financial education.

It’s time to innovate, adopt new technologies and refresh the customer experience!



General benefits for parents and cafeterias


Increased sales and efficient production


Less administrative tasks


Pre-order snacks and lunches


Parent Managed Account


Digital and immediate payments


Control of consumption and blocking of food

Spend more time with your clients!


Millon of orders processed with PayMon


Satisfied users on our platform


Hours administrative savings


Increase in sales after implementing Paymon


Who are PayMon users?

Cafes / Schools

We reduce the administrative burden,
we increase your sales and modernize your
offer. Digital and fast payment methods.


We optimize consumption reports, help reduce waste and connect your cafeteria with your users. Intelligent digital platform so that your employees and collaborators are more satisfied.


Greater supervision of your children’s consumption during their breaks. Payment methods digital and simple. We support the financial education of your children.


We tell you their experiences

Manage all your children’s expenses like never before

For our users, forget about using cash, and have complete control and visibility of your expenses and your children’s consumption while they receive benefits and they learn to manage their money! Security, convenience and total vision of consumption! All this is possible using the innovative PayMon Application.

Increase your sales: 25% increase in sales after implementing Paymon: Enable digital payments and accelerate the purchase process with pre-reservations and contactless devices!

Spend more time with your clients!: Save between 2-4 hours a day on administrative tasks thanks to PayMon’s functionalities.


Frequent questions

What is PayMon and how does it work?

Paymon is a digital platform for managing cafes combined with a mobile application for young people managed by parents. With this we facilitate payments in bars and cafeterias at schools or colleges by using a prepaid card, contactless device or QR codes in the mobile app. We connect to the school cafeteria and then connect it to its users directly!

What technology or equipment is needed to use PayMon?

It only requires a good internet connection

How can I acquire PayMon for my business?

Contact us by WhatsApp (link) or send us an email to ventas@paymon.io and we will contact you immediately to analyze your needs and how to solve them.

What technology or equipment is needed to use PayMon?

You only need a good internet connection and an Android/IOS device

What types of recharges does PayMon accept?

Interbank transfer, credit or debit card and cash top-up directly at the cafeteria

What kind of support/support do you offer?

Your account executive and our technical and commercial support team accompany you at all times with in-person visits, video calls, WhatsApp and emails.